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How LocalBest Works


Locals Vote

Locals vote at any time of the year on our website for their favorite businesses and are automatically entered in our giveaways to win cool prizes!


Votes Tallied

Voting ends May 31 st each year and we tally up the votes.


Winners Announced

Winners are announced and receive our crystal award and window cling for FREE.


We Promote

We publish our Best Of guides recognizing the winners and also feature them on our website and social media.


You Win!

You get a free personal resources to trusted businesses recommended by locals in cities all across the United States.


Repeat 2020

Repeat for 2020!

At LocalBest, we believe there’s so much to explore in every community. As such, finding the best becomes somewhat tricky and, therefore, LocalBest is committed to help you find the best of everything in your city. We are here to help you find the best businesses in different categories and share your experience here to help thousands of other LocalBest users benefit from it.